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Aesthetic beauty is something that pleases everyone. Traveling around the world, we see how serene our nature is. Along with that, we also find exotic structures, such as monuments or building with an old form of architecture, or an extremely modern form of architecture to be pleasing. Architectural masterpieces that are present in the world are a treat for the eye. A good architectural building brings together and shapes its surroundings. Some of these buildings are very old and present since ancient times. Others have been constructed in the recent past few years only.

Building Roofs:

What is amazing about these buildings is that they are extremely old, yet their foundation is intact. One of the most important things in any building is the construction of its roof. The roof of a building is one of the major parts of that building. The roof faces rain, sunlight, and several weather conditions. So, it is the most exposed part of a building. The condition of the roof has a tremendous effect on the interior conditions of the building. There is a protective covering found in the roof designs. This helps in protecting a building and maintain its condition for a very long time.

Features of the best-designed buildings in the world:

Over the years, many top best-designed roofs in the world have been constructed which represent remarkable architecture. When we look at a property, the roof is essential to be checked out. The roof should be able to both satisfy all needs of a building as well as deliver style and sass to the building. The roof should be able to provide both security, protection, and sophistication to the building. In the past years, many architects have designed incredible buildings with striking roofs. Roofs have been made in different shapes, designs, colors and materials.

Different best-designed roofs in the world:

The top best-designed roofs worldwide prove that both domestic and commercial roofs need not be boring to look at and need not have a mundane or monotonous design. Some roofs provide optimum efficiency and natural ventilation. Some other roofing systems have been designed to collect rainwater. As people are facing deficiency in water these days, the collected rainwater can be reused. The design can thus, be both stunning as well as environment-friendly. Places, where there is a lot of snowfall, have slanting roofs so that the snow can slide down easily. Green roofs are also in trend these days as they help in managing rainwater, insulating the buildings, cooling the environment, improving the air quality, filtering out pollutants and providing biodiverse habitats for wildlife.

Some of the top best-designed roofs in the world are Grand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand, Chrysler Building Nyc, St. Basil’s Cathedralin Moscow, Sydney Opera House Australia, Historial de la Vendee France, Tongkonan in Indonesia, Orto fraicortili (Garden Among the Courtyards) in Brera, Milan, Italy, Roof park Vierhavenstrip, by Buro Sant en Co with the municipality of Rotterdam, in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and Nouvelle at Natick, in Natick, (MA), USA.


When we own a home, we want it to look perfect. Not only from the inside but also from the outside. A home that is messy inside becomes unappealing to the owners of the house as well as to outside people. Just like the interior decor, which can change the look of a house, the exterior maintenance is very important. The exterior appearance includes not only the outer walls but also the roof of the house. A dirty and uncleaned roof can destroy the visual appeal of the house, but most importantly, it can damage and degrade the roof.

Why roof cleaning is necessary?

The roof is one of the most exposed parts of any house. It gets dirty and debris get collected all over the roof, and rainfall, although washes off the appearance of dirt on the roof, it can also lead to the growth of moss on the roof. Dark stains and green coverage can be seen on many roofs that are not cleaned regularly. This can be seen because of the growth of algae, lichen, or moss on the roof. It would be easier to prevent the growth of these things on the roof rather than removing them after they have grown because that is a tedious process. The spores keep absorbing more and more moisture and the growth becomes excessive.

Such kind of growth looks gross in appearance and the roof can lose its durability in the long run. The shingles that cover the top of the roof are slowly eaten up by the algae, fungi and moss growth. It can weaken the integrity of the roof which leads to an allowance of moisture and rain inside the house. The stains on the roof can rot the roof surface. Thus, a roof should be cleaned on a regular basis or sometimes immediately in case any signs of growth can be seen. Frequent roof cleaning can increase the lifespan of a roof and that is the reason why roof cleaning is necessary for any roof.

Roof cleaning services or cleaning on your own:

Roof cleaning can be done on your own. There is no need to call a service because the process of roof cleaning is easy, click on a guide here. As long as the person possesses a certain set of simple tools, the roof can be cleaned with no external efforts. It is very important because regular cleaning can prevent unnecessary expenses on repairs. There are a few tools that should be purchased after proper research in the market. The cleaning product should be from a proper and classified company. It would be great if the cleaning product that is available in the market is biodegradable. It should also be affordable.

Roof cleaning services that are provided are not very expensive. It’s just easier to do t by yourself. The two ways in which a roof can be cleaned are Pressure washing and chemical cleaning. Soft washing is very popular right now and I used this service once by company in UK who can do roof cleaning .

In the end replacement of the roof might be a bit expensive and it would be better if the roof is just cleaned properly and regularly.


Going to a sports stadium to see a match is a whole other kind of rush. Fans flock together at the stadiums to support their teams and the energy of a stadium is extremely high. Sports stadiums are not only used for matches but also utilized for other events such as concerts, national celebrations, etc. This is because the stadiums have a huge occupancy limit and that kind of environment is extremely good for organizing an event that expects a huge audience. The construction of a stadium is very important and takes a lot of thinking and planning. Look at the guidelines.

Why Roofs are a necessity on modern sports stadiums?

Designer Roof 🙂 Just a project

While sitting or standing in the stadium for hours on can be a tiring, the built and construction of the stadium’s roof can make or break your day. Why are roofs a must on modern sports stadiums? Stadium roof construction is an important issue because it helps in providing shelter and comfortable experience to the people in the stadium.

Be it intense heat or heavy rains, a good roof will help people to stay in the stadium for long hours and not ruin the event. The design for stadium roofs is complex because it is about covering a huge area in the most optimal way possible. It requires major architectural commitment and great engineering effort.

Retractable Roofs:

Most of the stadiums these days use retractable roofs because they provide extreme convenience. In the earlier days, most of the roofs constructed were domed shaped. Today, the nest generation of roofing systems are used which are convertibles. Retractable roofs mean, they can be open up on a good sunny day to let the sunshine in, or they can be closed to protect the stadium and people inside it from the adverse weather condition.

Warsaw National Stadium Roof

These roofs are made of durable materials such as steel, glass, cladding and ceiling material. These materials are, however, heavy in weight and thus the construction of the roof should be properly planned so that these heavy shields can be moved across the stadium frequently.

Why Retractable roofs?

Los Angeles Glass Roof

Retractable roofs are an intelligent innovation by mankind because they take into account that no sports event, concert or celebration is affected or stopped because of bad weather. The fan experience is saved and no event has to be canceled. Retractable stadiums also allow enough and adequate amounts of sunshine to flow in so that grass can grow inside the stadium easily. This is why roofs are a necessity on modern sports stadiums. The problem that might be caused in case the construction of the roof does not take place properly is that large shadows can be cast over the field.


Thus, the efficient and dynamic construction of a stadium roof is necessary. It is wise to keep the future in mind and carry out the construction in an intelligent manner. The construction of the stadium roof should be strong and sturdy so that it is protected against all kinds of weather conditions. The construction should be safe, economical and should be carried out in the least time possible for a better experience and to increase the attraction of the audience.

Roof Abbaye Senanque in 2020

I as an owner of this new blog has only one experience in my life and that roof design. I design residential roofs for big design companies in Europe. However, I always wanted to read a blog where somebody could show me news in m y little world of roofs. Everybody has their passion and mine is architecture top of every house. To me it’s not only about rain not doping on your head it’s about you and your soul. Imagine that in the life time of your roof somebody will look at your roof for about 100.000 times and they will judge you and your house design. What’s the worst 20% of that number it will be you looking at your house and look at yourself. The way you dress and present yourself is very important for your self-esteem and success in life. Why would you think that design of your nest will not affect your life at all? There is a reason why Aston Martin and Tom Ford are expensive and prestige brands and people possessing them have power.

I’m designer of the roofs and I believe that in the end of the day I bring people something that they can be proud of and say “I leave underneath that roof…”

Hope you will enjoy this nerdy blog. I will.

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