Roof Abbaye Senanque in 2020

Roof Abbaye Senanque in 2020

I as an owner of this new blog has only one experience in my life and that roof design. I design residential roofs for big design companies in Europe. However, I always wanted to read a blog where somebody could show me news in m y little world of roofs. Everybody has their passion and mine is architecture top of every house. To me it’s not only about rain not doping on your head it’s about you and your soul. Imagine that in the life time of your roof somebody will look at your roof for about 100.000 times and they will judge you and your house design. What’s the worst 20% of that number it will be you looking at your house and look at yourself. The way you dress and present yourself is very important for your self-esteem and success in life. Why would you think that design of your nest will not affect your life at all? There is a reason why Aston Martin and Tom Ford are expensive and prestige brands and people possessing them have power.

I’m designer of the roofs and I believe that in the end of the day I bring people something that they can be proud of and say “I leave underneath that roof…”

Hope you will enjoy this nerdy blog. I will.

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