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Aesthetic beauty is something that pleases everyone. Traveling around the world, we see how serene our nature is. Along with that, we also find exotic structures, such as monuments or building with an old form of architecture, or an extremely modern form of architecture to be pleasing. Architectural masterpieces that are present in the world are a treat for the eye. A good architectural building brings together and shapes its surroundings. Some of these buildings are very old and present since ancient times. Others have been constructed in the recent past few years only.

Building Roofs:

What is amazing about these buildings is that they are extremely old, yet their foundation is intact. One of the most important things in any building is the construction of its roof. The roof of a building is one of the major parts of that building. The roof faces rain, sunlight, and several weather conditions. So, it is the most exposed part of a building. The condition of the roof has a tremendous effect on the interior conditions of the building. There is a protective covering found in the roof designs. This helps in protecting a building and maintain its condition for a very long time.

Features of the best-designed buildings in the world:

Over the years, many top best-designed roofs in the world have been constructed which represent remarkable architecture. When we look at a property, the roof is essential to be checked out. The roof should be able to both satisfy all needs of a building as well as deliver style and sass to the building. The roof should be able to provide both security, protection, and sophistication to the building. In the past years, many architects have designed incredible buildings with striking roofs. Roofs have been made in different shapes, designs, colors and materials.

Different best-designed roofs in the world:

The top best-designed roofs worldwide prove that both domestic and commercial roofs need not be boring to look at and need not have a mundane or monotonous design. Some roofs provide optimum efficiency and natural ventilation. Some other roofing systems have been designed to collect rainwater. As people are facing deficiency in water these days, the collected rainwater can be reused. The design can thus, be both stunning as well as environment-friendly. Places, where there is a lot of snowfall, have slanting roofs so that the snow can slide down easily. Green roofs are also in trend these days as they help in managing rainwater, insulating the buildings, cooling the environment, improving the air quality, filtering out pollutants and providing biodiverse habitats for wildlife.

Some of the top best-designed roofs in the world are Grand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand, Chrysler Building Nyc, St. Basil’s Cathedralin Moscow, Sydney Opera House Australia, Historial de la Vendee France, Tongkonan in Indonesia, Orto fraicortili (Garden Among the Courtyards) in Brera, Milan, Italy, Roof park Vierhavenstrip, by Buro Sant en Co with the municipality of Rotterdam, in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and Nouvelle at Natick, in Natick, (MA), USA.

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